Never change your Instagram Bio link again!

Linkrs.club is a simple and elegant tool which solves a single link in Instagram Bio problem. Linkrs.club uses a walk-around approach where a collection of links is created (a.k.a. your portfolio) and is reached via one single link.

How to use Linkrs.club:

  1. Create an account on our app via Facebook, Instagram or Email;
  2. Create a collection of your links;
  3. Post your unique single link to the Instagram bio.

That's it!

You can rearrange links by dragging them. You can also see click count for each link.

Linkrs.club is completely free to use & and includes premium paid features:

  • Colored links. Select a different color for your links;
  • Verified Badge. Display a verified badge next to your profile picture.


Thank you for using Linkrs.club!

For questions and inquiries contact us at hello@linkrs.club